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For IT managers, complexity has become a way of life. Users are demanding more applications, new server-based services and greater bandwidth than ever before, while your CFO is demanding that you deploy it all at a substantial cost-savings. Unfortunately, in meeting those demands, many IT managers are ending up with a patchwork of network components that are widely scattered throughout the organization and far more difficult to manage and configure.

Reduce network complexity with SmartSite

Data & Telephony Systems offers SmartSite suite of services is designed to simplify network management, improve the delivery of network services and improve returns on your IT investment. By utilizing modern Portal technology, SmartSite’s familiar Web User Interface (WUI) allows network managers to cost-effectively deliver applications, applets and websites – all within one cohesive environment.

SmartSite is an innovative and proven enterprise networking solution that allows you to:

  • Unify your user’s experience, interface and environment
  • Decrease and unify administration efforts
  • Extend the life of your existing equipment – both servers and client systems
  • Provide the benefits of the Software as a Service  (SaaS) while still keeping information securely in-house
  • Provide cost savings including decreases in desktop management, user training and software licensing and maintenance costs
  • Flexibly deploy components – implement the complete SmartSite suite or only the components that meet your current business needs
  • Reassess your investment on a continuing basis to ensure your current network is compatible with your long-term IT goals
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