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Our Customers:

"DTS has allowed us to deliver a virtual global team apporach... the internal call and MS Exchange integration has improved our internal communication."
-Ops Mgr, Global Manufacturing Company

"We didn't just get a support company, we got a real partner in business... DTS brought a level of tech savvy that our company was lacking. "
-CEO, National Waste Control Company


Data & Telephony Systems provides simple, cost effective, core business technologies vital for the small, medium and enterprise businesses to succeed into the future. Our mission is to become partners with companies that are committed to becoming and staying technologically savvy. We possess the capabilities to install complete systems or only provide the services and products that your company needs most.

DTS is a consulting firm focused on aligning the business strategic scorecard with technologies and staff competencies. We also offer project management capabilities in order to develop and implement a strategic portfolio of initiatives and build a competitive advantage. DTS takes a holistic approach by helping companies and organizations reach strategic goals by transforming their internal processes, technologies and culture.

Data & Telephony Systems has been implementing business systems and managing corporate IT infrastructure for over 20 years.



If your project is a new installation, customization, upgrade, ongoing maintenance of an existing network, then Data & Telephony Systems has business technology solutions that will meet your needs.

To discuss your company's current technology infrastructure needs, contact a DTS Consultant.


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